The GIRDER-SLAB® system Introduction

An Innovative Idea With a Conventional Approach

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Designed by You

The GIRDER-SLAB® system is designed by you, the owner's preferred architect and structural engineer.


Fabricated by You

In combination with a structural steel package, steel fabricators can make the unique D-BEAM® girder in thier own shop.


Built by You

Builders procure all materials from local steel fabricators and precast suppliers through a conventional bidding process.

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Low Floor to FLoor Heights with Structural Steel

The Combined Advantages of Structural Steel and Flat Plate Concrete

Mid to high-rise residential structures have traditionally used a cast-in-place reinforced concrete structural system which offers such benefits as low floor to floor height and fireproof construction. With similar benefits, low to mid-rise buildings often utilize bearing wall systems supporting precast slabs. These structural systems are time consuming, weather sensitive and labor intensive.

Girder-Slab Technologies, LLC set out to develop a more efficient structural steel based framing system for mid and high-rise residential construction.

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Utilizing proven materials that have long been used by the construction industry, the GIRDER-SLAB® system provides a cost effective low floor to floor height solution for mid and high-rise residential construction.

The GIRDER-SLAB® system in combination with a structural steel frame offers a complete steel and concrete superstructure. It is ideal for use in mid to high-rise residential structures such as hotels, student housing, apartments, senior housing and condominiums.

The GIRDER-SLAB® system greatly improves construction operations and the ability to meet critical deadlines. Unlike cast-in-place concrete structures, the GIRDER-SLAB® system uses off site prefabricated components that are quickly erected on site by one trade even in cold weather (Ironworkers).

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Troy Boston 11 Story Tower
D-BEAM<sup>®</sup>s and Precast HC Plank


The components of the system, structural steel (including the D-BEAM® girder) and precast hollow core slabs, can be manufactured and supplied by many subcontractors guaranteeing the owner competitive procurement of the building's superstructure.

With practically an unlimited source of supply, the D-BEAM® girder is manufactured by your local steel fabricators as part of a complete structural steel package.

Our list of "System Fabricators" consists of companies who have completed or bid on projects that utilized the GIRDER-SLAB® system technology, and serves as a resource for builder's who wish to obtain pricing in their market. Our

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