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    David J. Odeh, S.E., P.E. discusses his project Troy Boston in the April edition of Modern Steel Construction
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About Us

Girder-Slab Technologies, LLC set out to develop a more efficient structural steel based framing system for mid and high-rise residential construction. Utilizing proven materials that have long been used by the construction industry, the GIRDER-SLAB® system is designed by the owner's architect and structural engineer and is available competitively from the builder's customary steel fabricators.

Girder-Slab Technologies, LLC is neither a subcontractor or material supplier. We inform design and construction professionals, supply design tools and details, and assist the engineer of record on an as needed basis. Girder-Slab Technologies can help you determine whether or not the GIRDER-SLAB® system will add value to your project.

Low Floor to Floor Heights with Structural Steel

The GIRDER-SLAB® system

The GIRDER-SLAB® system combines the advantages of structural steel and flat plate concrete.

With over 270 completed projects throughtout North America, The GIRDER-SLAB® system has been accepted by industry design and construction professionals as an efficient, cost saving, approach to multi-story residential building applications.

Learn more about the features and benefits of the GIRDER-SLAB® system →

Unmatched Speed of Construction

Troy Boston March 18, 2014
Troy Boston June 19, 2014
Troy Boston July 29, 2014