Features & Benefits

The GIRDER-SLAB® system

GIRDER-SLAB® system Features & Benefits


The GIRDER-SLAB® system is the result of combining materials long proven within the industry.
  • The building superstructure design and specification process follows established methods and practices applicable to competitive bid or design-build procurement.

  • A registered professional engineer is engaged to design the superstructure according to customary practices.

  • Superstructure design follows typical AISC steel design criteria including lateral load resistance.

  • Steel fabricators can provide the entire steel frame superstructure package including all of the GIRDER-SLAB® system components.

  • The D-BEAM® girder is fabricated from a standard rolled wide flange section and flat bar. Fabrication can be self-performed by steel fabricators or they can outsource fabrication of the D-BEAM®.

  • The steel erector performs the assembly and erection process for the entire steel and precast superstructure.

  • Commonly used precast, prestressed hollow core slabs are available from many precast producers.

Low Floor to Floor Heights
With Structural Steel

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The GIRDER-SLAB® system offers the combined advantages of structural steel and flat plate concrete.

  • Light weight structural system.

  • Composite floor or roof slab assembly.

  • Used in combination with a steel frame.

  • Choice of column types and perimeter spandrel details.

  • Non-combustible construction; meets building code fire rating.

  • Utilizes conventional structural steel or concrete lateral load resistance.

  • Underside of slabs are free of obstructions to accomodate ductwork and piping.
  • Underside of slabs can become finished ceilings.

  • Provides faster access to the work of other trades.

  • Substantial reduction in on-site waste and debris.

  • System is available competitively from customary sources.

  • More accurate control of building dimensions & tolerances.

  • Lends itself to exterior curtain wall systems to speed building enclosure.

  • 100% factory fabricated and engineered components (steel beams & precast slab units).

Features & Benefits

The GIRDER-SLAB® system can meet specific architectural, structural and scheduling requirements.

  • 8" or 10" floor depths maximize unit floor to ceiling height while minimizing the height of the building.

  • Super-fast structure and building completion.

  • Reduced building structure weight.

  • Floor plan design flexibility.

  • Limited weather impact (including cold climates).

  • Structure assembly is one process, one source (Ironworkers).

  • Integrates well with retail and parking areas below.

  • Meets AISC tolerance standards.

  • Meets fire code ratings using UL K912.

  • Meets required sound (STC) ratings.

  • Limited on-site labor.

  • Reduced on-site overhead costs.

  • Eliminates/reduces soffits.

  • Factory made quality components.

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