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The GIRDER-SLAB® system

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All materials are procured from local steel fabricators and precast suppliers through a conventional bidding process.

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Low Floor to FLoor Heights with Structural Steel

The Combined Advantages of Structural Steel and Flat Plate Concrete

The GIRDER-SLAB® system offers the same advantages of cast-in-place concrete structures such as low floor to floor heights, but also offers the speed of steel erection and limited impact from bad weather.  An added benefit of the system is increased market share for structural steel fabricators.  The GIRDER-SLAB® system lends itself to being provided by a single source such as the structural steel fabricator / subcontractor who can budget, fabricate, furnish and install the entire system.

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Competitive Bidding and Authorization

The GIRDER-SLAB® system and D-BEAM® girder are available competitively from steel fabricators authorized by Girder-Slab Technologies, LLC

All materials are procurred from steel local steel fabricators and precast suppliers through a conventional bidding process.

Authorization by GIRDER-SLAB® system is based on a single project commission agreement and project specific quotations will be issued for every job.

Once authorized as a GIRDER-SLAB® system fabricator, you will be entitled to furnish and install the complete system assembly
including fabrication and erection of the D-BEAM® girders and installation/grouting of precast concrete slabs.

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